Who is NTNU Ocean Club?

The basics

At the moment, NTNU Ocean Club consists of around 30 students working as volunteers, some of whom will end their volunteership, and be replaced by you. After the application process is over, we might end up as slightly more, or slightly fewer people. This depends on whether new applicants bring a lot of fresh ideas with them, in which case we might need to expand our organization to facilitate these ideas. NTNU Ocean Club work to engage students interested in the ocean, and its related academia and industries. This is our mission statement, and the underlying motivation in everything we do. We believe that utilizing the ocean (sustainably) is key to progressing economically, socially, and technologically in the future. To achieve this we have launched several events and products. To name a few:

  • Ocean Challenge: A case competition where students fought to present the best solution to a current problem within the ocean industries.
  • Ocean Talks: Our series of popular science talks. Themes ranging from deep sea mining to microplastic pollution.
  • Ocean blog:Our newsletter where we write short articles about various topics we find interesting (and hope others do too) and update you on whats going on in the club.
  • Conferences: We have helped arrange a number of conferences like the Aqua Nor Student Day 2017, and Ocean Week.

In addition to this, we're also continuously expanding our network, and use this network to create shortcuts between students and exisiting opportunities. We do this in various ways, e.x. by attending conferences and other events.

How we work

NTNU Ocean Club is based on a project group model. After being accepted as a volunteer, you'll be presented with the current projects, and you can decide which ones you would most like to join. If none of our current projects appeal to you, we encourge you to start your own project. We'll make sure you get the help you need to do so, as long as we think your idea is cool, and feel you're passionate about it. Every new semester you get the chance to join a new project (if you want to), so you get to meet new people, and experience new way to work.

Every project consists of a project leader and a number of project workers. The project leader is responsible for the overall progress of the project, and the well-being of the project workers. The project group as a whole decides how to divide up the different tasks and objectives between its members. In addition to the project groups, NTNU Ocean Club has a board of directors, which at the moment is exclusively composed of student volunteers.

What is expected of me

Many students enjoy volunteering for more than one organization, or have a part-time job, sports, or other interest occupying their time. There are already many of these kinds of students in NTNU Ocean Club, and we want even more of them! We believe we can offer a balanced volunteership, that far from has to take up all your spare time! That being said, we expect you to be fully dedicated to your project and the organization. NTNU Ocean Club is a fairly new organization, and is therefore reliant on its volunteers giving it a fairly high priority, or at least not letting it fall by the wayside.

Other than dedication and effort, we don't have any requirements for our volunteers. Every field of study is welcome to apply, as is every other variation of any other parameter. We strongly believe diversity is a strength.

What we offer

To keep it short and sweet we offer a new, lean organization, where any impassioned student can have a big impact. We do our best to let our volunteers test out their ideas or concepts, or embed themselves in already-existing projects. We believe that as a volunteer you'll get access to a unique network of academia, industry, organization and interesting individuals. Our goal is that any alumni of NTNU Ocean Club should get a leg up when applying for a position or program in a relevant sector.

We believe that a good social relation to your colleagues is key to productive teamwork, and thus try to arrange social get-togethers as often as possible. We also have our own little set of lore and legends - which are strictly secret of course.