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  Elisa     3. oktober 2017     Microplastic Oceantalk Marine Science

Last Thursday was our first OceanTalk this semester, which encompassed the relationship of consumer’s behaviour, the production of waste and microplastics, their effects of the marine environment and how they are related to human and animal health. There was a good show up to hear about this contemporary theme and to eat delicious cake.

Our very own Talal Mohammed hosted the show in R9 at Gløshaugen, where speakers told us about how plastics effect our environment, and how we end up eating the plastic we throw out. Microplastics get eaten by animals in the lower part in the food chain and accumulate as is get eaten by larger animals. The speakers was collected from the Institute of Biology, Psychology and Circular Ocean.

We also had representatives from Sailing for Science. Dunia Yunes, who are a master student and a co-worker in NTNU Ocean Club, have spent two weeks on a boat outside the coast of Turkey and Greece. She joined a research team where she and other students assisted to collect samples and participated in research. This is written about further down on our blog, so just keep scrolling down if you want to learn more about it.

We are very happy to be done with our first event for this semester and look forward to our next, hope to see you there!