History of events

Ocean Week

The start of NTNU Ocean Club

2016 MAY
Ocean Talk

The first in the series. SINTEF, AMOS, Blueye Robotics og Deep Sea Mining.

2016 NOV
Ocean Challenge

Case competition. Tasks by Salmar and Seaweed Energy Solutions

2017 MAR
Ocean Week

NOC arranged the student day at Ocean Week 2017!

2017 MAY
Ocean Talk

“Microplastics in the ocean”

2017 SEP
Lumpsucker safari

We looked for lumpfish at one of Salmar’s farms

2017 NOV
Ocean Opportunity Night

10 companies, 100 students at Frimurerlogen

2017 NOV
Ocean Talk

“Issues in the arctic”

2018 FEB
Fishing trip

The first fishing trip!

2018 SEP
Beach cleaning

With Project Baseline under Beach Cleaning Week.

2018 MAY
Ocean Talk

“Wonders of the big blue”

2018 OCT
Ocean Talk

“SOS - Save Our Seas”

2018 NOV
Marine Nighe

We had a pitch a Marine Night 2019

2019 JAN
HAV 19

2019 JAN
Company visit at Sealab

Visiting Sealab Ocean Group

2019 APR